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Product Strategy, Research and PLG Services

A Step-By-Step Roadmap To Success

Product and Technology Research

Product-led growth is a company-wide action plan that places the product at the center of the go-to-market strategy. We are here to create your action plan.

Product and Markets

Affordable primary and secondary market definition, sizing, and analysis–including datasets and presentations.

Product and Competitors

Competitive Analysis by share of mind, share of heart, and share of wallet with monthly forecast for up to 18 months.

Product Strategy

Product Strategy definition and assessment via workshops and/or research reports with product strategy suggestions.

Product Value

Product value assessment with target users and competitive products. Product pricing and packaging recommendations.

Product Growth

Analysis of product reward function (reinforcement usage) and suggestions for freemium/trial to paid hooks.

Product Go-to-Market

Go-to-market action plan with channel strategy, PR plan, pricing and packaging options, and placement suggestions.

Product Analytics

Data-driven analysis of user journey–including PLG effectiveness, adoption, usage, and conversion tracking.

Product Campaigns

PLG-campaign tracking–including a/b testing, lift analysis, funnel analysis, sentiment and causal inference analysis.

Product Dashboards

Custom Dashboards for PLG teams that provide access to all insights and datasets–including forecasts.

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Insights & Strategy

Our scientific services include:

  1. Online surveys: We are conducting these through our website and if needed social media platforms to gather feedback and opinions from a large and representative number of people.

  2. Focus groups: We coonduct focus groups with small, diverse group of people who are brought together to discuss and provide feedback on a product or concept.

  3. Interviews: One-on-one interviews with potential customers or experts in the field can provide valuable insights and information about a product.

  4. User testing: This involves giving a product to a group of people and asking them to use it and provide feedback.

  5. Analyzing customer data: We analyze anonymized uer data about intent, behavior, and preferences to inform product development and marketing efforts.

  6. Industry research: Researching industry trends, competitors, and market demand can provide valuable information about a product’s potential success.

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Growth & Go-to-Market

Our PLG Action Plan includes:

  1. Definition of your target market: We identify who your product is intended for, including their needs, pain points, and demographics.

  2. We assess and optimize your value proposition: What makes your product unique and valuable to your target market? How will it solve their problems or meet their needs?

  3. We define your GTM strategy: This includes deciding how you will reach your target market (e.g. through direct sales, online marketing, partnerships, etc.), and what channels and tactics you will use to promote your product.

  4. If needed, we develop your product positioning: How will you position your product in the market? This includes defining your product’s key features, benefits, and target audience.

  5. We create a launch plan: Determine when and how you will launch your product, including any marketing campaigns, events, or partnerships that will support the launch.

  6. Create a sales and marketing plan: This should include specific goals, tactics, and budget for promoting and selling your product to your target market.

  7. Monitor and adjust: Once your product is launched, track its performance and adjust your GTM strategy as needed to optimize results.


Data is the Crucial component of the marketing process.

In our Marketing Research we conduct primary research, Secondary Research, Qualitative Research, and Quantitative Research. 

We analyze competitive go-to-Markets and extract the most Effective components

We Love data

Deeper Insights - Better Results

Our PLG Actions  includes:

  1. Segmentation: We analyze user’s intent, behavior, and preferences. This helps us to create product-based personalized triggers.

  2. Predictive modeling: We leverage predictive modeling for in-application mechanisms.  This can also be used to forecast demand for a product or service.

  3. Personalization: We personalize recommendations, offers, or content based on customer behavior and preferences.

  4. A/B testing: A/B testing involves comparing two different marketing approaches to determine which one is more effective.