Deep Marketing

Bend.AI makes it easy to understand Real Estate customers. We show where they come from and what you can do to attract more customers and sell more products. We make sound marketing decisions by using your marketing and sales data and machine learning. If there is no data for statistical analysis, we do your market research and provide analytics to get you going quickly.

How it works

Identifying how customers find your business is important. This helps to understand if your marketing is working or not. The marketing experts call this “mapping the customer journey” and they use a process called “Attribution”. We provide clear answers to these questions:

  • How much marketing budget do you really need to hit your revenue goals
  • How to attract more tenants
  • What is the ideal pricing for your apartments, self-storage or beds
  • How to beat your competition.

At Bend.AI, we help you make informed marketing decisions to reach more prospects, create more sales, and retain more customers with high confidence.

Data Science and Marketing

One way to make better marketing decisions is to learn from previous decisions. If we would know how to accurately predict desired outcomes, like prospects clicking on an online advertisement, we might use this knowledge to intentionally affect new advertising campaigns. This is the basic concept of “Data Science” in Sales and Marketing, to isolate and “understand” the conditions (patterns) that lead people to click on an online advertisement. As a result, we form new opinions about these patterns, test them, and tune our marketing campaigns over and over.

How we are Helping

Bend.AI improves websites, eCommerce stores, and advertising. We (create and) analyze your campaigns across social media, search, video, and display advertising.

After connecting you with your prospects, we help you to stay engaged. We learn about your customer’s intends, interactions, and tell you what you can do to improve the customer experience. We are using speech analysis, natural language processing, and much more to create a clear picture.

Finally, we are strong believers in email and targeted outreach. Every sales interaction should be meaningful and have the right context: your customer’s needs.