About Bend.ai

We believe that developer relations are personal. It starts with relatable content, engaging interactions, and support for the community. 

Our Discovery

After spending nearly 20 years in high-tech startups such as Defined.ai and established tech giants like IDG and Apple, Martin Stein started Bend.ai to help companies create authentic content that developers love. Christina Garica, the CEO of Bend.ai, was an early employee at Yahoo and found her niche as a tech writer for Ziff-Davis and CNet.

Bend.ai combines technology with people. The company has developed proprietary algorithms to rank topics and articles by the utility for developer communities. Its technology allows Bend.ai to produce better content and guide technical writers and DevRel advocates.

Since founding the company in 2020, the team has grown to include editors and freelance writers. Our pool of writers includes award-winning high-tech journalists. Our team of evangelists includes distinguished engineers from Microsoft. Our community roots are organic, as we run our own local MLOps community in Seattle.

Who is Bend.ai?

We are a SMALL group of ENTREPRENEURS who have helped grow Businesses