About Bend.ai

Bend.ai is a respected research firm specializing in the AI/ML and Data Science sectors. Renowned for delivering comprehensive market research, insightful market analyses, and meticulous product strategy, it is a primary resource for fund-raising, pitch-deck creation, and go-to-market initiatives.

In the ever-evolving digital landscape, where the synergy of AI, Machine Learning, and Data Science is paramount, Bend.ai excels at deciphering intricate market trends. The firm identifies opportunities and offers actionable insights, assisting clients in navigating our increasingly data-centric world.

Christina Garcia Stein, Co-Founder

Bend.ai is woman-led and created by Christina Garcia, who has worked for numerous technology companies over the last 20 years. Christina is a finance and accounting professional. She has worked for Sun Microsystems, Yahoo!, GCR, and was a high-tech journalist for ZDnet.

Martin Stein, Co-Founder,

Martin is an AI/ML marketing and product executive with a 20-year background in crafting award-winning products and devising go-to-market strategies. He previously served as the Chief Product Officer and Head of Data Science at RStudio/Posit. Additionally, Martin held dual roles at G5 as the Chief Product Officer and Chief Analytics Officer. In these capacities, he led the development of G5’s AI-based call scoring and advertising technology. This pivotal contribution garnered him the 2018 SuperNova Award for Digital Marketing Transformation and Sales Effectiveness in the Disruptive Technology Leadership category, an accolade presented by Constellation Research. Before venturing into product and analytics leadership, Martin was a high-tech journalist at IDG. He possesses an M.A. in Political Science and Sociology, specializing in empirical research.


Bend.ai provides market insights and it crafts strategic narratives to propel businesses forward in a world increasingly driven by artificial intelligence and data science.

Pitch Deck Creation and Product Strategy Services

Our analyst services include TAM/SAM estimation, competitive assessment, and research into share of Mind/Heart/Market/Wallet.

We also specialize in developing pricing and packaging models, probabilistic attribution models, marketing mix models, revenue forecast models, churn models, and customer journey models.

Go-to-Market Services

We assist marketing teams with generative AI for content creation, graph-based influencer analysis, topic analysis, and demand generation optimization.

Our data services are delivered in the form of reports, through on-premises or cloud-based pipelines with data warehouse integration, and via self-hosted or hosted dashboards, which include Tableau, Looker, Shiny and other options.

Community Services

Bend.ai sponsors the Machine Learning Hangout. Our online and in-person group focuses on the process of creating, modeling, and delivering Data and ML Products at scale. We are strong supporters of open-source software. You can join us in person if possible or on one of our live streams. Look out for our virtual happy hours and other networking events. This forms part of our commitment to building a community around data and machine learning, fostering innovation, and sharing knowledge.