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R in Production

There are many ways to put your R model into Production. Putting R in production is not only possible but also simple and straight-forward. I have put various R models into production, levering H2O, Plumber, Docker, CloudRun, MLFlow, Spark Pipelines, and AWS Lambdas. Of course, there are different ways of achieving your outcome, namely having a hosted and scalable API

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How to choose the right CDP

A Customer Data Platform, or CDP, brings user-journey level fidelity to your marketing database. This provides a much better understanding of your customer’s interactions and paves a way for capturing their intent. In return, you can reach out and engage and convert prospects much more effectively. If this is so valuable, why isn’t everybody using a CDP? Well, it comes

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Full Channel Attribution

Customer Data Platform

AI-optimized Programs

Sales /Funnel

Understanding Marketing cause and effect is not easy. We are here to help. We provide custom services for serious marketers. Marketers who want to go beyond comparing disjointed Google Analytics, Google Ads and Facebook Ads reports. We provide probabilistic marketing attribution that includes all your channels. We show what channels work and which of your campaigns need a little help.