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Self-storage Data

Critical insights about prospects, customers, competitors, pricing and concessions, and the self-storage market are essential for strategic self-storage operators and owners. provides local and highly actionable reports for the United States. Our data is triple verified and constantly updated. We deliver data subscriptions via CSV files, hosted data dashboards, or APIs.

MultiFamily DAta provides unit pricing reports by property type. Seasonal adjustments by geographic and metropolitan area allow for a higher level of accuracy. Unit pricing will be available via real-time API end of 2021. 

Senior Living Data

Senior Living communities depend on high-quality leads. Therefore, we provide primary reputation research (unlike just aggregating web reviews) that you can use in Marketing and lead generation. 

Data and Insights for Operators and Owners

Marketing Data

We brake down your marketing numbers in meaningful words. We show what news actions and campaigns will do for you before you launch them.

Local Market Data

We analyze markets, locations, communities, units, prices, audiences, and their sentiments. Combine your data with yours to stay ahead of the competition.

Competitive Data

Understanding your competition, pricing, promotions, reputation, marketing campaigns, customer reach, and sales tactics allows you to win prospects and retain your current customers and tenants. Know when to double-down on concessions and when not to use them.

Pricing Data

Understanding how to price your units and beds is vital in a highly competitive world. We give pricing guidance on unit, time, property, and reputation levels that you can integrate with your backend system.

Reputation Data

Nothing matters more than your reputation—aggregating online reviews is not enough. Understand the actual share of mind and share of heart. Know why your tenants are happy or not.

Dashboards, APIs, and more

We provide dashboards, APIs, and even Slack and Microsoft teams integrations so you can stay on top of your business.

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