Marketing is Broken

Established players have an unfair advantage over startups and SMBs. Organically, newer businesses need to build credibility which takes time (sometimes even years). The only other option is advertising. Which can be very expensive.


Content is not for Search Engines. It is for real people. The team is a team of high-tech journalists from Ziff-Davis and IDG. We know content and we know products.


Social matters. But with its ugly downside, trust-worthy communities matter more. We are community builders and our goal is to find influencers and community builders.


Advertising should be fun and not annoying. We don't believe in harassing people by pushing our ads on them. We believe that meaningful advertising enriches experiences.

We fixed it!

We deliver the best results for tech startups, quickly!
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Ave Paid Conversion
1 % Conversion
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How it works follows a proven three-step process, which works well for startups with their critical awareness needs. The secret formula is matching the right content with the right audience. Sounds simple? It is not. team members have been high-tech journalists for IDG and Ziff-Davis. We know content and audiences (and PR too).

1. Definition

We define a segment for targeting. This includes setting scope like “Customer Success” and potential competitors like “” for user/customer acquisition.

2. Creation

The next step involves defining and creating your audience and influencer list. Lists can be combined with existing customer lists. Our lists are ethically sourced and vetted. 

3. Outreach

After identifying your key influencers we selectively reach out via social and highly targeted ads like LinkedIn and operate your a/b-tested campaigns.

Maximize organic and social outreach

Great Content

Targeted Audience

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